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Couples Massage Offer for Valentines Day

Slow down. Connect. Deepen your Bond.

Nurturing Path | Healing Arts and Colibri Care Healing Arts are joining forces to bring you a delightful Valentine’s Day offer on February 14th and 15th ONLY!

Looking for a special way to treat your sweetie?

In a fast paced world, it can sometimes feel as though you and your partner are two ships passing in the night. Intimacy is created when we put down our phones, unplug and truly be with one another in full presence. When we are calm, relaxed, and at ease in our bodies we feel most like ourselves and connected with the one’s we love.

A 90 minute side-by-side Traditional Thai Massage is guaranteed to hit the spot. Enjoy a cup of tea, delight your senses with aromatherapy, sound healing, and guided meditation.

Warning: Side effects may include not being able to keep your hands off each other!

Limited Appointments Available:

FRIDAY (Feb. 14th):

SATURDAY (Feb.15th):

Want to be one of the seven lucky couples? Book well in advance!

Investment149 ,-

To book contact

Pernille at

Open House at Cormorant St Holistic Health Clinic. Feb 13th.

You are invited. Bring a friend.
Our little Community of practitioners is growing.
Come on in and find out who we are and what we do and see our little and sweet space.
Have a treat and a tea.
Get some power nurture with a mini treatment or a tarot reading
Peruse offers and locally crafted goodies and find a gift for a loved one or perhaps yourself.

Mini treatments throughout the day by
Nurturing Path | Healing Arts
Colibri Care Healing Arts and more.
Tarot Readings by Jennifer Freeman.
Art Showing.
Arts crafts and treats by local talents.
~soft and warm spun and knitted creations by Robynne.
~ Angel cards by Linda
~ Prints and art by Pernille
….and more

Schedules will come up as they are solidify.

When~ Feb 13 . 11 am -6pm

Were ~ Cormorant st. Holistic Health Clinic. 855 Cormorants st.

Please note that there is two hour free parking on

Mason st. and Balmoral off of Quadra st. a sort walk from the clinic

and one hr parking  just by the clinic on Cormorant st.

If you can bus, bike or walk here.

It is good for you.

 We look forward to seeing you.

Groupon offer

You have been asking if the Groupon offer is available directly trough me.

Of course it is!

Message me and mention the deal and we can schedule an appointment at the discounted rate. Also have a look at the updated Holistic Health Care Series.

It is worth it to invest in your own health.


Offer is valid for Gift Certificates as well.

~Give a gift of Nurture and Care.~

Much love and nurture to you in these darker and darker days.

May you create time and space this season to slow down and notice and nurture what rest in your deep heart.

Relax. Recover. Rejuvenate.

Introducing the Holistic Healthcare series.

We are now offering discounts when you purchase multiple treatments.

Have a look.

Commit to and invest in your own health and wellbeing.

Honoring your whole Body and Being .

Breath by Breath

Click on link to see the offer

Also available as gift-certificates.

In search for Peace I had to sit with Grief

I joined Deva Premals and Miten 21 day chanting challenge.

I was fortunate enough to see these guys  when they visited Victoria and it was  such a beautiful and inspiring experience. I love their down to earth and reachable approach to a deep and  spiritual life and how freely they share what the journey of the mantras have given them.

 After a beautiful yoga practice in the sun on the deck surrounded by my dogs and the eager hummingbirds buzzing by the feeder I listened in to their day two of the meditations. Today’s mantra was Om Shanti Om and it is the mantra of Peace that we chanted 108 times.  Beautiful and simple. As we came to an end  I sat there, still, feeling very  quiet. Vibrating with  energy but calm…. a smile tickling my lips …. I felt very present in my body and simultaneously not in my body.  Then I noted a sensation that I almost missed , actually  I did for a little while. A cry welling up . I kind of dodged it ever so subtle. I reached for the bliss the beautiful peace. Then my practice of inquiry awoke and gently curious I turned my awareness to that sensation that I almost decided to re-stuff into my unconscious and merely noted… I feel like crying .

 I could not tell if it was  a cry of the unbearable beauty of this incredible beautiful sense of connection and peace or of the grief of  life lived disconnected from this or something entirely different. I totally surrendered to sit there and  allow the feeling to well up. I just let is emerge  just like that allowing the tears the sounds and the feelings  course through me. Tears streaming. Whimpering . Sobbing. Simultaneously beautiful and painful and  I put judgment and analyzing aside and just allowed the feeling to express itself. After some time it passed. As sudden as it emerged the cry subsided. I now entered an even deeper place of peace and stillness simultaneously one with all within and around me and not at all. Breathing in . Breathing out. Present. Still. Vibrant . Eternal . One of these states that really can not be described with words . I just rested there till that  also passed and I with the breath returned  to this body and this world. I opened my eyes and in gratitude dedicated this  feeling of connection and peace to all beings.

Returning to the mind it made me realize how in our search for bringing what we desire into our world we will undoubtedly encounter precisely that which is in our way of experiencing this. So in searching for  for example Peace any emotion or belief system we have held in our body-mind that stand in our way of experiencing this may arise and have the opportunity to be expressed and released.  It takes courage to let these uncomfortable  emotions arise and it can be easy to miss or dismiss them. Know and trust that if any emotions or belief system arise it is because you are ready and able to deal with what is coming up. This  is a beautiful opportunity to permit something we before  suppressed to be allowed its full expression. In dealing  with these emotions I do not mean taking any action but rather to just allow its arising emergence and sit with and feel the emotion through its full expression.   It can be intense and sounds and movement can be involved. Do you best to stay really present and observe the emotions natural life cycle . It has as all other things a beginning a middle and an end and when it is fully expressed for now it will fade away. On the other side thorough your emotion you may just find that which you came searching for.  So pay attention in your search also to that which seem contrary to what you want to bring into your life. Trust that what comes up for you is your perfect medicine for where you are at right now. If today you do not “get”  there  do not despair or get discouraged . Sitting with  what comes up when it comes up is an act of GREAT courage.

 The journey IS the destination!

By the way I think you can still join Deva Premal and Mitens 21 day mantra meditation challenge. I recommend it if you are curious about chanting and Mantras or if you need some inspiration and encouragement for a daily practice.

Enjoy. Namaste




About Thai Massage.

Today I want to share an article that my teacher Nikki Manzie  wrote on Thai massage and not least the more than physical aspects of the work. It gives you a beautiful picture of the teachings that inspire my work today. I feel so very blessed to have met Nikki who teach in such a profound and broad way from the detailed intricate mechanics and techniques of the physical to the equally detailed energetics of the psyche psychology and spirit. Her deeply compassionate  heart and high standards of discipline and ethics guide my work  personally and professionally every day.  Enjoy!

What does your heart speak to you about?

Lately my heart and my yearnings have been speaking loud and clear . It is not necessarily the most comfortable or easy as the heart could care less of the practical implications of the hows and whens of its deep callings. Sometimes it speaks in whispers and murmurs  and in the misty mystical time  between waking and sleeping. There are times when I have to take time and care to explore to hear the hints of what my soul yearns for.  At other times  I may busts into tears in the midst of a casual conversation and feel the pangs of my heart so hard that I can not ignore that I need to listen lest I go to sleep and let my self down. So I am listening.  And I bring in my skills of planning, organizing and visualizing and I know it will take effort and I know it will push me to step out of my comfort zone and also that sometimes things do not turn out exactly as I thought it would.

My heart is speaking to me of  taking leaps of  faith and daring to make dreams come true. I have committed to doing my best to make it so and to surrender the rest to the powers that be!

What is your heart speaking to you about?




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