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Closed for the Summer

Hello everyone.

Some of you know already but I thought I let everyone know officially that Colibri Care Healing Arts will be closed for the summer. We are on family and study travels to Denmark and Europe. We will be back in September.

For those few of you who have not redeemed your Groupon that were still valid as of mid April I will off course honor them upon returning.

If you would like to keep up with self-care over the summer a few lovely people are working out of my space over the summer that I highly recommend.

Please email to request their information.

May your summer be filled with much love and light.


What is your Truth?

I believe this. That we do know the truth from how it feels. So learn this…how does it feel in your body being. Truth. Untruth. Yes. No. Move towards. Move away. Do more. Do less. Try harder. Let go.  Only we our selves can know in every moment what our truth is. Here’s to intimatly getting to know our selves!



18847_288312283716_243843828716_3513157_1956861_nWinter… is brisk not cold today, morning coffee on the deck. Am I imagining the air super oxygenated today? The creek has turned roaring and frogs are croaking. Humming bird pays visit and Ravens speak loud…of what I always wonder following them with my gaze. The house quiet still, a sign all the children are approaching the teens of endless sleep and monumental changes that need to be sorted out in dream time. I have been a mother for 15 years. So much love wonder loss and growth. My heart has expanded and my boundaries too and so my capacity to feel is infinitely vaster and my sense of self so the more secure. And every day I am surprised by the balance of being adult and “keeping it together” and frankly just winging it and going with the flow, in the best possible way. Today I am Thankful for all the heart connections,friends and family, close and far that gives meaning to and make my life so rich. ♡

Fireside Breath Session~ Sunday Nov 23.

Alethiea Breath Work

The first of the Fireside Breath Sessions
Come dive deep within in exploration in this time of short short days and long dark nights. What rests here in your most inner place of soul. What needs to release and let go in the deep heart before we again move towards longer lighter days and plant new seeds of intentions.

These 2 and a half to 3 hour sessions will provide a full breath-work session in addition to introducing you to the technique and its philosophical/theoretical foundation. Breath-work is an opportunity to engage the incredibly clarifying power of your primary life force… breath.

The sessions will be held in our beautiful home in the Highlands in the middle of the woods. Mossy bluffs Arbutus Cedar and Fir all around. Ravens and Hummingbirds too. The fire will be burning in the fireplace.

Aletheia = “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident.” Through your own breath and willingness, you reveal your Self – a revealing that can have profound impact on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Breathwork will:
• Give you more energy
• Help detoxify, restore, balance and oxygenate the cells
• Resolve repressed emotions allowing the release of negativity
• Accelerate spiritual growth through expanded awareness

Investment . $ 35
$ 25 if you have experienced at least two sessions before
Limited spaces available.
Please Email to sign up

Self love and self care is an revolutionary act.

I actually think our number one task in this life is to learn just this.

To learn to love nurture and connect to our core self.

Really loving our selves its truly a revolutionary act that will ripple far and wide . When we act from any other place than from this self caring and loving place all we do will be somewhat confused and misguided and inauthentic. Actions may look to be the same but energetically the “umpfh” is different. You know it. Every one else know it. Even when is accepted as normal.

So make this commitment!

Take full responsibility for your self and choose to learn how to nurture, love and connect to that core self that is you. This soo unique magnificent beautiful expression of life that you are.

What do you love?

What is it that deeply nourish your soul and reminds you of who you are. What connects you to knowing how you are really doing, what you are feeling right now? What stands in your way? What beliefs? What connects you to spirit? What people and animals in your life support this? What activities are you yearning to do? What places brings you home? What attitude? What kind of movement? What kind of Breath? What sounds, what music?

What are your yes’s?

What are your no’s?

Do you not know. Seek seek and seek . Be curious. Be gentle. Try things on. Do something different if what you are doing does not feed you on this level.

If you do know. Do This! Chose to do this. If even just a little every day. A little every day will create momentous change over time. Trust this. Feel this. What do you have to loose from trying this? Feed, nourish, replenish and love who you are.

Never stop doing this.

If you forget. Simply return. Do not judge. Explore . Inquire . Reconnect.

This is  something you can do! This is something we can all do.

Where ever we are . What ever we do.

Whatever our life looks like right now.

Learn to Love and care for your self as if your life depends on it.

 Because it does!

Love !

breathe o

A good day to remember how miracules we really are!



Giving Thanks

From Thanksgiving till Christmas all treatments at 20% off.

That is one hour for $ 64:-
( That is a pretty good deal!!!)

Valid for Body-work , Yoga Therapy, Conscious Connected Breath-work and Primario Scenario ( though Primario Scenario and if it is your first time experiencing Breath-work will require booking of 1 1/2 -2 hours)

Limited appointments available.
Email for list of appointments.
Book now . For your self ,Friends and Family.
Also valid for Gift-cards.


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