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Theme of the Month – May – Traditional Thai-Massage

In May I will begin a  Theme of the Month series as a way to  share a little deeper

about the various modalities I work in.

  During the month my posts will be focused on that  theme and  I will offer a treatment in that modality at a reduced rate.

The Theme of May will be  Traditional Thai-Massage.

For the month of May recieve  Treatments in Thai Massage at a 30% discount.

That means-

60 min treatment will be $ 49.

90 min treatment will be $ 66.50.

To Book an appointment.

Call 250-858-5132 or email

Gift-cards also available.

I look forward to hearing from you.




The interconnectedness of giving and recieving

At last my treatment space in the Highlands is ready to receive clients.

The past few days have been absorbed with tending to puppies and not least mama . The miracle of life right at the foot of my bed. In the form of 6 little wiggely noisy either suckling or sleeping puppies . Most of the care goes to the new mama who is incredible patient  and also a little overwhelmed,  tired and very protective.  Nourishing foods , much water, gentle massage and much love makes her calm down, nourishes her and makes it able for her to be there for these little helpless creatures.

Oh my goodness they are the cutest thing.  Blind and with closed ears, vigorously and noisily nursing.  Joyfully waging their tails. A mere 2 days old.

So much life!

It has reminded  me ( again) of how important it is for us who cares for others to make sure to also get the nurture and nourishment we need in order to be able to do what we need for us and everyone in our lives .  There are times in our lives when we will have people in our lives to receive from (often we will have to ask) and there are times when we need to resource (and prioritize and  take time for this) from within and give this to ourselves.

I love giving and receiving nurture in its many forms and I can not wait to get back into giving bodywork after a few months of a pause.

Somehow giving treatments on a regular basis keeps me in check and in the discipline of doing what I need to do to be balanced and at optimal health.

So the giving of treatments becomes equally a giving and a receiving of healing and nurture and I am honored and grateful for this.

May you today source the nurture you need to be the most you, you can today and everyday.

Head, Heart and Gut

The human Heart is now documented as the strongest generator of both electrical and magnetic fields in the body. Important, because we’ve always been taught that the brain is where all of the action is. While the brain does have an electrical & a magnetic field, they are both relatively weak compared to the Heart. The Heart is about 100,000 times stronger electrically & up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. Important, because the physical world – as we know it – is made of those 2 fields: electrical & magnetic fields of Energy. Physics now tells us that if we can change either the magnetic field or the electrical field of the atom, we literally change that atom and its elements within our body and this world. The human Heart is designed to do BOTH. ~David Math, TruSparta

I thought this interesting. That with the fact that our gut have more Nero transmitters that the brain it is remarkable how little time we spend practicing heart and body centered practices in our culture as a whole. Food for thought. Or rather…. something to feel into.

Mixed Blessings of Easter Long Weekend

So my computer has decided not to work. That meant that the Easter long weekend became a blessed time off in place of a weekend where I got “it all” done. A mixed blessing. I am having this urgency of getting all my professional ducks in a row for launching into business as my spaces in both the Highlands and Victoria are ready. Real soon. I am exited and curious to get back into business after my sudden move in December . I had to surrender and trust that all will work out just right and I decided  to enjoy this time away from the computer.  The weather  turned out to be amazing and I took advantage and stayed close to the children and nature and the outdoors.  It has been a GREAT weekend savouring the beauty of our land. Yoga on the deck. Digging the rich soil. Playing and nurturing Family time. Making hula hoops and hooping. Gathering around the fire pit for the first time this year. At the end of it all I could not have planned it better. Easter long weekend turned out perfect with the most amazing full moon. Much abundance particularly in chocolate and giggles and hyper children and also the wild beauty of Raven, Eagle , Hummingbird and not to mention Turkey Vultures and the joyous song of the Tree Frogs

Tomorrow starts the new week. The computer will hopefully be fixed real soon and I trust I will get to all the writings and musings needed not to mention on this page.  Stay tuned to what will come.  

Tills then . My time on borrowed computer is up. 

May you savour and take advantage of the moments life gifts you to just be. Blessed Easter and Spring. 

In light