Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.

The interconnectedness of giving and recieving

At last my treatment space in the Highlands is ready to receive clients.

The past few days have been absorbed with tending to puppies and not least mama . The miracle of life right at the foot of my bed. In the form of 6 little wiggely noisy either suckling or sleeping puppies . Most of the care goes to the new mama who is incredible patient  and also a little overwhelmed,  tired and very protective.  Nourishing foods , much water, gentle massage and much love makes her calm down, nourishes her and makes it able for her to be there for these little helpless creatures.

Oh my goodness they are the cutest thing.  Blind and with closed ears, vigorously and noisily nursing.  Joyfully waging their tails. A mere 2 days old.

So much life!

It has reminded  me ( again) of how important it is for us who cares for others to make sure to also get the nurture and nourishment we need in order to be able to do what we need for us and everyone in our lives .  There are times in our lives when we will have people in our lives to receive from (often we will have to ask) and there are times when we need to resource (and prioritize and  take time for this) from within and give this to ourselves.

I love giving and receiving nurture in its many forms and I can not wait to get back into giving bodywork after a few months of a pause.

Somehow giving treatments on a regular basis keeps me in check and in the discipline of doing what I need to do to be balanced and at optimal health.

So the giving of treatments becomes equally a giving and a receiving of healing and nurture and I am honored and grateful for this.

May you today source the nurture you need to be the most you, you can today and everyday.


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