Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.

As Venus Passed the Sun

Take a moment and feel into the deepest yearning of your heart. Not your superficial desires but that yearning that almost aces and makes you shiver with delight or weep of longing when you tap into it. See and feel it clearly as much detail as possible. If you can not feel it …, practice, relaxed, with an open mind. You may be surprised what may come forth. Do not for now worry of the hows…just know your longing. Befriend it and repeatedly strengthen this feeling-image. Know that as you do the fabric of what is is rearranging itself with this very breath to bring this into being. Today and this time is powerful times. Things transform faster than ever before known to us . Take advantage of this and create the most awesome reality you can imagine for you and all there is.

Vision clearly and do what you can in the moment every moment and know that is enough.


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