Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.

Living off-line

Summer has pulled me deeply into the present. With the children at home, summer activities that will become childhood memories, several personal journeys in circles of women and elders that heal and propel me and everyday life and work as well. The present is full and every moment brilliant and clear.  It amazes me how rich life is and how tired I am every midweek come Wednesday, just ask my children.  How blessed I feel that the brilliance of the moment in this time of my life is from pleasure and joy and a feeling of being on track in the midst of life with all its imperfection. Rather than the acuity of crisis that can create a similar precise awareness of what matters most.  I am well aware what a blessing this is.

In the morning before the heat of the sweltering hot days I have felt the breath of fall in the distance and with that rising of inspiration and aspiration and urges to make art working in the back of my awareness. Though lazy in the heat now an excitement is building for what is to come what is to be created and the comfort of routine that will be and the relief of changing weathers and the purifying rains.

Not yet though … not at all. I still savor every moment of heat, the bounty of harvest and the business it creates in preserving this abundance for cooler scarcer times.  I go along still present to the present in haste taking note to the flashes of inspiration that comes so as to pick it up again when time is ripe for this.

Tills then I will be scarcely present here and I  pray you will forgive me.

May we all be Well

May we all be Happy.

May we all  be Healthy.

May we all be at Peace.

Much light



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