Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.

Ayurvedic Hot Oil Massage

The perfect nourishing and grounding treatment on a cold day. Oil massage is endearingly known in Ayurveda as love treatment. It truly is pure luxury to experience the heated oil penetrate deep into the skin, muscles and organs even ligaments, tendons and bone as your tension, pains and aces gradually melt away and you surrender to a deep deep relaxation where healing can take place. I love Abhyanga.

The past few weeks I have been creating a variety of medicated oils. I have a passion for creating these oils of the best ingredients I can find. High quality oils, herbs from my garden, wild-crafted local medicines and the best spices I can get my hands on.  Careful tending to a few different techniques infusing the medicines in the oil and some time and I have a handful of medicated oils that are great for a wide range of conditions. The oil carry the medicines deep in too the tissues of the body and ad an umpf to the treatment both physically and mental-emotionally.
The Rosemary infused olive oil is clearing, cleansing, pain relieving, slightly warming and stimulate circulation. I have used it with GREAT success for edema. The Ginger infused oil is heating ,pain relieving, in particular for arthritic pains, stimulates digestion and is great when there is excess mucus. Plantain infused oil is relatively cooling, soothing, calming and great for skin that tend to be itchy, red and irritated. It is a good choice when heating oils are not ideal. I also made a beautiful mix of Cloves,Cardamom and Cinnamon of the best quality. I call it my Bliss Chai Mix. It is soothing, warming, pain relieving and totally luxurious. If I need soothing and cooling qualities I use coconut oil and sesame oil is the most sedating of them all working really well for anxiety and stress. We will choose an oil together based on your need and preference and I may use essential oils in place of or with the infused oils to reach desired affect.  If you would like one of these  treatments please let me know as you book your appointment and I will be ready to share the deeply nourishing experience of Ayurvedic Hot Oil massage


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