Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.


Sips of tea nourish my Soul

In the midst of our busy lives our daily and ordinary rituals can add richness depth  joy and be an opportunity to connecting deeply to ourselves  and life.

You can  choose to take your time just for this one cup of tea. (or anything that you want for that matter…). For now let go of all should’s  and oughts. Start as you are making the tea. Consciously paying detailed attention to all the sensations. The pot getting heavier as you fill it and put it on the stove. The space of time while the water is heating. The sound of the water coming to a boil. The breaths that come and go.The fluidity of the water as you pour it over  the tea. The scent that arises as the ingredients release into the water and becomes tea. The breath you are breathing while holding the cup. The weight of your footsteps walking over to you chosen place to savor this cup. The heat on your hands .  The texture of the cups shape and the material it is made of. Awareness.  The sensation the flavor and the texture of the liquid. The sensation of ahhh coursing through your body and every cell as you ingest the liquid. Presence. Where are the herbs from . Where is the water from . Herbs of the earth. Water in  the ground. Fire that heats. Air and water mixed as the steam you can inhale and infuse into you own being. All the elements of creation right then and there. All the senses involved.As you mind wanders  merely gently return to the moment here  where you are having a cup of tea. Go deeply into your experience and let it be all that you do.You are here and now. Sipping tea. It is a blessed moment. It is always here available to you. In this moment doing  what you are doing . Simply . With awareness.

By paying detailed attention we have an opportunity in every moment to  find the sacred in the ordinary and everyday life and make the ordinary moments extraordinary.  It makes life feel sooooo rich!



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