Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.

What does your heart speak to you about?

Lately my heart and my yearnings have been speaking loud and clear . It is not necessarily the most comfortable or easy as the heart could care less of the practical implications of the hows and whens of its deep callings. Sometimes it speaks in whispers and murmurs  and in the misty mystical time  between waking and sleeping. There are times when I have to take time and care to explore to hear the hints of what my soul yearns for.  At other times  I may busts into tears in the midst of a casual conversation and feel the pangs of my heart so hard that I can not ignore that I need to listen lest I go to sleep and let my self down. So I am listening.  And I bring in my skills of planning, organizing and visualizing and I know it will take effort and I know it will push me to step out of my comfort zone and also that sometimes things do not turn out exactly as I thought it would.

My heart is speaking to me of  taking leaps of  faith and daring to make dreams come true. I have committed to doing my best to make it so and to surrender the rest to the powers that be!

What is your heart speaking to you about?




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