Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.

Couples Massage Offer for Valentines Day

Slow down. Connect. Deepen your Bond.

Nurturing Path | Healing Arts and Colibri Care Healing Arts are joining forces to bring you a delightful Valentine’s Day offer on February 14th and 15th ONLY!

Looking for a special way to treat your sweetie?

In a fast paced world, it can sometimes feel as though you and your partner are two ships passing in the night. Intimacy is created when we put down our phones, unplug and truly be with one another in full presence. When we are calm, relaxed, and at ease in our bodies we feel most like ourselves and connected with the one’s we love.

A 90 minute side-by-side Traditional Thai Massage is guaranteed to hit the spot. Enjoy a cup of tea, delight your senses with aromatherapy, sound healing, and guided meditation.

Warning: Side effects may include not being able to keep your hands off each other!

Limited Appointments Available:

FRIDAY (Feb. 14th):

SATURDAY (Feb.15th):

Want to be one of the seven lucky couples? Book well in advance!

Investment149 ,-

To book contact

Pernille at


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