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Being with what is

Full range of emotion…hmmm yes that’s what I committed to. Hmmmm. I remember now.
Soo much beauty. Soo much agony. In between….
With what is and that that always is. Yes that’s what I committed to ..and that is what I wish to share. The ability to live like this. Fully alive to what is as is. In this moment. In this breath. Resisting the urge. To shy away when it seems too much to bear. Too much beauty to loose. Too much pain to hold. Being. Being. Being. With what is. In this moment. In this breath. Not always easy. Always alive! To what is.



I pray for…

A daily portion of Love Laughter and Tears as required
Fun and Serenity
That I may get everyday Firmer and more Gentle
That I may everyday and every moment
Be in the Now
Body Mind Spirit and Soul
That all my relations are Peaceful True and Real.
That when it is needed I am able to do what is needed
That at all times I am guided
willing and able to listen to the Guidance
in all its forms
and stay ever True to myself
as to act in the best interest of All there is.
That I may recognize
when to hold on and when to let go
and have the Courage to do so.
That I may always recognize my many Blessings
behold the everyday Miracles
know that I am Provided for.
That I maintain focus always
to move towards raising my Vibration
realizing my Vision
to Free what waits within me
and are able to be fully Present
Each Precious Moment
Wherever I am
What ever I do.
In light.
In Love.
I Am.