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18847_288312283716_243843828716_3513157_1956861_nWinter… is brisk not cold today, morning coffee on the deck. Am I imagining the air super oxygenated today? The creek has turned roaring and frogs are croaking. Humming bird pays visit and Ravens speak loud…of what I always wonder following them with my gaze. The house quiet still, a sign all the children are approaching the teens of endless sleep and monumental changes that need to be sorted out in dream time. I have been a mother for 15 years. So much love wonder loss and growth. My heart has expanded and my boundaries too and so my capacity to feel is infinitely vaster and my sense of self so the more secure. And every day I am surprised by the balance of being adult and “keeping it together” and frankly just winging it and going with the flow, in the best possible way. Today I am Thankful for all the heart connections,friends and family, close and far that gives meaning to and make my life so rich. ♡