Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.

December Aletheia Breath Session.

We are gathering again once before the darkest night this year to breathe together.
Lets explore what lies in our deepest inner heart waiting to be felt and experienced so that we can show up more freely as who we really are in each moment.

Dec 11 at 6.30 to 930pm

This 2 and a half to 3 hour sessions will provide a full breath-work session and introduce you to the technique and its philosophical/theoretical foundation. Breath-work is an opportunity to engage the incredibly clarifying power of your primary life force, breath.
The small group to allow for a safe intimate space and one on one attention.

The sessions will be held in Lone Peep’s studio on 2020 Douglas st. unit 6. ( just around the corner from Discovery coffee on Discovery st)

Aletheia = “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident.” Through your own breath and willingness, you reveal your Self – a revealing that can have profound impact on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.


Breathwork can:
• Give you more energy.
• Help detoxify, restore, balance and oxygenate the cells.
• Resolve repressed emotions allowing the release of negativity/
• Accelerate spiritual growth through expanded awareness.

Please know that this particular type of work may prompt deep exploration of one’s acquired life stresses and traumas – and lead to their integration and resolution. The resulting emotional processing can be strong for some people and is best engaged with a sense of humble respect.
One on one Sessions also offered if a group setting is not calling you. Please incuire.

Investment . $ 30
Limited spaces available.
To reserve your spot please email Pernille Lund at


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