Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.

Cupping and Scraping

The technique is similar to what may be more commonly known from Chinese medicine and that seem to be reappearing in other medical fields today. It is an effective technique releasing deep and chronic tensions and pain with when applied correctly. I practice Cupping and Scraping in the Thai tradition.

Scraping is done by  repeated strokes with a scraping tool often made out of bone , wood or stone.  The repeated motion creates circulation and friction that allows for that which is  held in the layers under the skin to release. Adhesions , tension ,pain and toxins accumulated after injuries. This can show up a sha  which raise to the surface as red blotches and marks not to be confused with bruising. Contrary to bruising these marks are quick to leave  and actual bruising of areas are not meant to happen. Cold  can also surface and can then be massaged and given the opportunity to disperse and release  giving  freedom of movement and pain.

Cupping is the  technique of applying cups  in which the air is heated and then  quickly applied to the body.  This creates a suction that will draw out whatever is ready to release through the skin.  The cups will work on a deeper level than the scraping. Toxins and blockages held deep in the body and organs can be accessed released through the skin this way. The cups can be made out of glass, bamboo, horn ,shells and other materials.


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