Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.

Integrative Body Psychotherapy

Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) is a complete system that combines verbal work with breath and body wisdom for the systematic integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit (see: It is a gentle and powerful way of confronting one’s deepest patterns that are located in the body and unconsciously control our lives. Real change comes with insight, but only when awareness permeates the entire being – body as well as mind. IBP emphasizes the importance of relationships and focuses upon awareness at all levels, resulting in profound life-enhancing transformation.

Pernille is studying IBP and are integrating the ideas of IBP into her work along the way. .

One of the foundational pieces in IBP is the primary scenario.

Would you like to explore your family history from a both a told and a felt sense in your body and get a little peak into the basics principles of IBP? The boundary work, Good parent messages etc. From a place of knowing where we come from we can start working on freeing our selves from our deepest unconscious thought feeling and behavior patterns that we hold.

If you are curious and feel called please inquire to have your primario scenario done.

You will come out with your Primary Scenario for you to keep and you are likely to go away with a few aha moments and likely more questions to explore in its own right time.

A session can take anything from one hour to several hours and may be broken into a few sessions.


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