Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.

Pre & Post Natal Care

Nurture and support of mother and babe is crucial at this time of immense change and growth while pregnant, during Birth and in the time after Birth.

Bodywork helps mum relax and can relieve her of many of the discomforts of Pregnancy and after Birth be they physical, hormonal or mental-emotional.

Bodywork help relieve water retention and pains and aces due to a quickly changing body. Massage help stabilize mood-swings and other irregularities caused by fluctuating hormones.

A relaxed and comfortable mother makes for a relaxed and comfortable child and no one deserves nurture and care more than a mother to be or a new mum.

Give the gift of receiving while life is growing.

Pernille is passionate about caring and nurturing of mothers and mothers to be and  fully honor and support her in her health and choices in this life-changing time.

Now offering  in home child-care with Luna during treatments in the Highlands. Relax and enjoy while your little one is safe close by.

Flexible and Sensitive to both your needs.

$ 10 hr

Pernille is trained in Pre and Post-Natal Thai Massage and Pre and Post-Natal Yoga and has over the years learned many tools for optimal wellbeing before , during and after childbirth. She is also a mother of two.

Healthy Mother-Healthy Child-Healthy Family-Healthy Community



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