Bodywork. Movement. Awareness. Breath.


Are you aching or in pain? Are you stressed and anxious and in need of self care? Are you exhausted and experiencing burn out. Whether it is physical or mental-emotional; a time out, or a tune in, on the mat will support you in your journey towards optimal health and well-being. Bodywork, movement, stretches and joint mobility combined with inquiry, breath and awareness will help you relax, reconnect, recover and re-energize. Every treatment is tailored to your current needs and fully confidential. “Homework” will inspire self care as you step back to everyday life. Email or Call 250-858-5132 to book your massage in the comfort of your own home. Mobile massages available on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday after 1 pm and on the Weekend. In Greater Victoria, West-shore, Mechosin and the Highlands. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch. .Thai massage is done on a mat on the floor and dressed in comfortable clothing you can move in.


June offer!

♡Pay What You Can for the rest of June♡

●My regular fees are slidingscale $ 80-120 an hour but for the rest of the month I want to offer my mobile sessions at Pay What You Can.

● Regular availability Wednesday ,Thursday and Friday 10 -3.

●Friday afternoon and Weekend on request.

●Email to book your session.

Ps. I am away the last weekend of the month so if you need me on the weekend call on me sooner than later.


Winter Solstice Offer

50% off on appointments booked before Winter Solstice, Dec 20th, and any gift-cards bought before then
(for you, for loved-ones for anyone who wants it and need it).
I have gift-cards that come in 1, 3 or 6 treatments (max per person)

$ 40 for 60 minutes10404325_842905225767217_9117673251518593529_n

Valid for  Bodywork, Yoga-therapy, One on One Breathwork sessions and Primario Scenario( will likely require 2 hours)
Valid until Spring Equinox.

Self love and self care is an revolutionary act.

I actually think our number one task in this life is to learn just this.

To learn to love nurture and connect to our core self.

Really loving our selves its truly a revolutionary act that will ripple far and wide . When we act from any other place than from this self caring and loving place all we do will be somewhat confused and misguided and inauthentic. Actions may look to be the same but energetically the “umpfh” is different. You know it. Every one else know it. Even when is accepted as normal.

So make this commitment!

Take full responsibility for your self and choose to learn how to nurture, love and connect to that core self that is you. This soo unique magnificent beautiful expression of life that you are.

What do you love?

What is it that deeply nourish your soul and reminds you of who you are. What connects you to knowing how you are really doing, what you are feeling right now? What stands in your way? What beliefs? What connects you to spirit? What people and animals in your life support this? What activities are you yearning to do? What places brings you home? What attitude? What kind of movement? What kind of Breath? What sounds, what music?

What are your yes’s?

What are your no’s?

Do you not know. Seek seek and seek . Be curious. Be gentle. Try things on. Do something different if what you are doing does not feed you on this level.

If you do know. Do This! Chose to do this. If even just a little every day. A little every day will create momentous change over time. Trust this. Feel this. What do you have to loose from trying this? Feed, nourish, replenish and love who you are.

Never stop doing this.

If you forget. Simply return. Do not judge. Explore . Inquire . Reconnect.

This is  something you can do! This is something we can all do.

Where ever we are . What ever we do.

Whatever our life looks like right now.

Learn to Love and care for your self as if your life depends on it.

 Because it does!

Love !

breathe o

Being with what is

Full range of emotion…hmmm yes that’s what I committed to. Hmmmm. I remember now.
Soo much beauty. Soo much agony. In between….
With what is and that that always is. Yes that’s what I committed to ..and that is what I wish to share. The ability to live like this. Fully alive to what is as is. In this moment. In this breath. Resisting the urge. To shy away when it seems too much to bear. Too much beauty to loose. Too much pain to hold. Being. Being. Being. With what is. In this moment. In this breath. Not always easy. Always alive! To what is.


Highlands studio closing

As of June I will no longer be seeing clients at my Highlands studio.

I Will be at 855  Cormorant st.

Cormorant st Holistic Health Clinic in Victoria on

Monday’s,  Wednesday’s  and Friday’s during the day .

Very limited later afternoon appointments available.


Open House at Cormorant St Holistic Health Clinic. Feb 13th.

You are invited. Bring a friend.
Our little Community of practitioners is growing.
Come on in and find out who we are and what we do and see our little and sweet space.
Have a treat and a tea.
Get some power nurture with a mini treatment or a tarot reading
Peruse offers and locally crafted goodies and find a gift for a loved one or perhaps yourself.

Mini treatments throughout the day by
Nurturing Path | Healing Arts
Colibri Care Healing Arts and more.
Tarot Readings by Jennifer Freeman.
Art Showing.
Arts crafts and treats by local talents.
~soft and warm spun and knitted creations by Robynne.
~ Angel cards by Linda
~ Prints and art by Pernille
….and more

Schedules will come up as they are solidify.

When~ Feb 13 . 11 am -6pm

Were ~ Cormorant st. Holistic Health Clinic. 855 Cormorants st.

Please note that there is two hour free parking on

Mason st. and Balmoral off of Quadra st. a sort walk from the clinic

and one hr parking  just by the clinic on Cormorant st.

If you can bus, bike or walk here.

It is good for you.

 We look forward to seeing you.