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Karma Yoga-Broom pulling in the Highlands

Postponed to Sunday May 1. Same time Same Place . Please remember to email to confirm attendance!

~Combining mindfulness and action. Meditation with physical honoring of the land we live on. Prayer in doing. Love lived! ♥
~Come connect to nature and your self in community! Come and honor the wild woods that nourish our souls so freely and deeply by giving back to nature by caring for it?

Sunday April 24 2-5pm

1201 Millstream rd.

~Every week I walk in these beautiful woods by my home and end up at sunset on the bluff in Hazlit Creek Park. It is a beautiful wild and varied forest and in spring we see many rare and precious flowers and it is teeming with wildlife. Here and there invasive species budge their way in threatening to take over in place of the variety of the wild flora and fauna.

~Here on the bluffs it is Scotch Broom that, though I and others pull them on our regular walks, persistently grow and grow and grow.

~I love these bluffs with the arbutus, the firs, the pine, the many kinds of rare and wild flowers, oregon grape and nootka rose etc etc etc. Raven. Deer. Hummingbird. And the illusive predators. It really is a sacred place!

~With the love that I feel for the woods I want to honor the native ecology and the land by removing as much as possible of the Scotch Broom. The more we are the easier it will be.
Right now is a perfect time as they are pre-bloom and many of them are small and so relatively easy to pull out by their roots.
I believe that Arbutus will be in bloom at this time too and we will be working enveloped in the sweet honey scent off their flowers.

~We will gather and do a walking meditation form our home up to the Arbutus bluff in Hazlit Creek park. After a meditation on the bluff we will spend some time clearing the bluffs of the invasive scotch broom to begin restoring the area to its natural ecosystem.
~We will end with breaking the silence and a potluck style picnic and tea savoring this little amazing place on earth.
~Bring walking shoes and layered clothing. Water and perhaps a snack. Please bring your own cup for tea. Gardening gloves and if you have, gardening shears, for the big and stubborn plants.
A treat or a finger snack for the picnic if inspired.
A blanket to sit on.

~The walk is fairly easy and no more than 10 minutes but does go up hill and on forest trails. The pulling of the broom is fairly easy as long as one uses two hands and mindfulness of body and posture and/or tools when the plant is too big. Much of the time will be spent in silence to facilitate meditation , mindfulness and connection.
♡ Please email Pernille to let her know you want to attend and so she can give more detailed directions closer to the event
No charge

ps. We will be ending with plenty of time for further hikes or even a climb up Lone Tree Hill for sunset.


Spring Aletheia Breath Session Series.

                                         Awakening to Self.

This is the first Breath session in the Spring Breath-Session Series. ♥
~Do you feel a yearning to connect deeply to your self so you in turn can connect deeply to others and the world around you?.
~Are you wanting to feel more alive, inspired and energized?
~Have you noticed holding patterns in your body and psyche and are you wanting to explorere, unwind and release these with a gentle and effective method?
~Do you want to free your breath so you can more freely be your full self moment to moment?
~Are you ready to commit to show up for your self and be present, ( gently and honestly), to what arise within you ?

●If you feel the calling, come join us for this series of Breath-sessions this spring.
Commit to all with a pre-payment at discounted rate or come to one or more of the individual sessions

We would love to share this journey with you.


●In this series of Breath-sessions we will be aligning our intent with the Season of Spring and the chakras, as an anchor and guide.
~Each session will include about 30 minutes of movement to warm up and prepare our body and mind for the journey. Ample time will be given to recieve and integrate the experience so we can bring what we learn or unlearn and unwind intoo our lives as a lived experience.
●Note that Sesion nb 5 is a little different. It will be longer and we will have an opportunity to go deeper into exploration of the nooks and crannies of our bodies and psyche and this is the only session that have any prerequisites of some experience (4-5 sessions) in breathwork.

~Small intimate groups allow for lots of hands on and one on one attention.
Read more about Conscious Connected Breath-work below.

●Session one- Friday March 4 at 6.30 pm- Root. We will ground and root deep into our base  and lay the foundation for safe exploration of the deepest stirrings within. Spring has barely just begun but exitement and the rising of energy is evident. What seeds lay within, perhaps still dormant, and what is needing to ground deep and solid for what is to come to be able to come to full expression?

See below for dates and themes of sessions to come.

○There are limited spaces available so please E-MAIL Pernille Lund to secure your spot and with any questions you may have.

We will gather in Lone peeps Studio on 2020 Goverment st. Unit 6.

$ 30,- a session except session 5 that will be $ 40,-
Special offer for 3 participants( first come first serve) If you commit to all sessions you get the seven sessions (at a value of $ 220) for $ 160.
( you basically get two sessions at no cost)

●Save the Dates!

~Session 2- Friday April 1 at 6.30 pmSacrum– Relationships and Emotions, fluidity.
~Session 3- Friday April 15 at 630 pmSolar-plexus– Empowerment and Will, radiance
~Session 4 –Friday April 29 at 6.30Heart– Love and Compassion, sweetness.
~Session 5-Friday May 13 at 630Throat. This will be the extended session . Going deeper. The theme is expression of Self. Healing, creativity and acceptance. We will be powering up as we enter this session and going deeper staying with the breath for longer. More Details to follow uppon registration. A minimum of 4-5 previous session pre requisite.
~Session 6- Friday May 27 at 630 pmThird eye. Vision and intuition, knowing.
~ Session 7- Friday June 10 at 630Crown. Understanding , spirituality, unity.

Come and experience the purifying and opening effect of Conscious Connected Breath in a safe and sacred space.

This 3 hour session will include 30 minutes of movement to warm up and provide a full breath-work session and introduce you to the technique and its philosophical/theoretical foundation.

Breath-work is an opportunity to engage the incredibly clarifying power of your primary life force, breath.

♡Aletheia = “This the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident.” Through your own breath and willingness, you reveal your Self – a revealing that can have profound impact on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Small group setting to allow for plenty of one on one facilitation.

Sacred and Safe Space, Confidentiality, Bodywork , Toning, Evocative music and other techniques may be used to facilitate exploration, release and opening.

● Breathwork can:
• Give you more energy.
• Help detoxify, restore, balance and oxygenate the cells.
• Resolve repressed emotions allowing the release of negativity/overwhelm
• Accelerate spiritual growth through expanded awareness.

No experience needed.

 ●Please know that this particular type of work may prompt deep exploration of one’s acquired life stresses and traumas – and lead to their integration and resolution. The resulting emotional processing can be strong for some people and is best engaged with a sense of humble respect.
Recent surgery, high blood pressure and some other illnesses are contraindicated. Please inquire if unsure.

○There are limited spaces available so please E-MAIL Pernille Lund to secure your spot and with any questions you may have.

$ 30,- a session except session 5 that will be $ 40,-
Special offer for 3 participants( first come forst serve) If you commit to all sessions you get the seven sessions (at a value of $ 220) for $ 160.
( you basically get two sessions at no cost)

One on one Sessions also offered if a group setting is not calling you.
Please inquire.

I look forward to hearing from you


Self love and self care is an revolutionary act.

I actually think our number one task in this life is to learn just this.

To learn to love nurture and connect to our core self.

Really loving our selves its truly a revolutionary act that will ripple far and wide . When we act from any other place than from this self caring and loving place all we do will be somewhat confused and misguided and inauthentic. Actions may look to be the same but energetically the “umpfh” is different. You know it. Every one else know it. Even when is accepted as normal.

So make this commitment!

Take full responsibility for your self and choose to learn how to nurture, love and connect to that core self that is you. This soo unique magnificent beautiful expression of life that you are.

What do you love?

What is it that deeply nourish your soul and reminds you of who you are. What connects you to knowing how you are really doing, what you are feeling right now? What stands in your way? What beliefs? What connects you to spirit? What people and animals in your life support this? What activities are you yearning to do? What places brings you home? What attitude? What kind of movement? What kind of Breath? What sounds, what music?

What are your yes’s?

What are your no’s?

Do you not know. Seek seek and seek . Be curious. Be gentle. Try things on. Do something different if what you are doing does not feed you on this level.

If you do know. Do This! Chose to do this. If even just a little every day. A little every day will create momentous change over time. Trust this. Feel this. What do you have to loose from trying this? Feed, nourish, replenish and love who you are.

Never stop doing this.

If you forget. Simply return. Do not judge. Explore . Inquire . Reconnect.

This is  something you can do! This is something we can all do.

Where ever we are . What ever we do.

Whatever our life looks like right now.

Learn to Love and care for your self as if your life depends on it.

 Because it does!

Love !

breathe o

Open House at Cormorant St Holistic Health Clinic. Feb 13th.

You are invited. Bring a friend.
Our little Community of practitioners is growing.
Come on in and find out who we are and what we do and see our little and sweet space.
Have a treat and a tea.
Get some power nurture with a mini treatment or a tarot reading
Peruse offers and locally crafted goodies and find a gift for a loved one or perhaps yourself.

Mini treatments throughout the day by
Nurturing Path | Healing Arts
Colibri Care Healing Arts and more.
Tarot Readings by Jennifer Freeman.
Art Showing.
Arts crafts and treats by local talents.
~soft and warm spun and knitted creations by Robynne.
~ Angel cards by Linda
~ Prints and art by Pernille
….and more

Schedules will come up as they are solidify.

When~ Feb 13 . 11 am -6pm

Were ~ Cormorant st. Holistic Health Clinic. 855 Cormorants st.

Please note that there is two hour free parking on

Mason st. and Balmoral off of Quadra st. a sort walk from the clinic

and one hr parking  just by the clinic on Cormorant st.

If you can bus, bike or walk here.

It is good for you.

 We look forward to seeing you.

In search for Peace I had to sit with Grief

I joined Deva Premals and Miten 21 day chanting challenge.

I was fortunate enough to see these guys  when they visited Victoria and it was  such a beautiful and inspiring experience. I love their down to earth and reachable approach to a deep and  spiritual life and how freely they share what the journey of the mantras have given them.

 After a beautiful yoga practice in the sun on the deck surrounded by my dogs and the eager hummingbirds buzzing by the feeder I listened in to their day two of the meditations. Today’s mantra was Om Shanti Om and it is the mantra of Peace that we chanted 108 times.  Beautiful and simple. As we came to an end  I sat there, still, feeling very  quiet. Vibrating with  energy but calm…. a smile tickling my lips …. I felt very present in my body and simultaneously not in my body.  Then I noted a sensation that I almost missed , actually  I did for a little while. A cry welling up . I kind of dodged it ever so subtle. I reached for the bliss the beautiful peace. Then my practice of inquiry awoke and gently curious I turned my awareness to that sensation that I almost decided to re-stuff into my unconscious and merely noted… I feel like crying .

 I could not tell if it was  a cry of the unbearable beauty of this incredible beautiful sense of connection and peace or of the grief of  life lived disconnected from this or something entirely different. I totally surrendered to sit there and  allow the feeling to well up. I just let is emerge  just like that allowing the tears the sounds and the feelings  course through me. Tears streaming. Whimpering . Sobbing. Simultaneously beautiful and painful and  I put judgment and analyzing aside and just allowed the feeling to express itself. After some time it passed. As sudden as it emerged the cry subsided. I now entered an even deeper place of peace and stillness simultaneously one with all within and around me and not at all. Breathing in . Breathing out. Present. Still. Vibrant . Eternal . One of these states that really can not be described with words . I just rested there till that  also passed and I with the breath returned  to this body and this world. I opened my eyes and in gratitude dedicated this  feeling of connection and peace to all beings.

Returning to the mind it made me realize how in our search for bringing what we desire into our world we will undoubtedly encounter precisely that which is in our way of experiencing this. So in searching for  for example Peace any emotion or belief system we have held in our body-mind that stand in our way of experiencing this may arise and have the opportunity to be expressed and released.  It takes courage to let these uncomfortable  emotions arise and it can be easy to miss or dismiss them. Know and trust that if any emotions or belief system arise it is because you are ready and able to deal with what is coming up. This  is a beautiful opportunity to permit something we before  suppressed to be allowed its full expression. In dealing  with these emotions I do not mean taking any action but rather to just allow its arising emergence and sit with and feel the emotion through its full expression.   It can be intense and sounds and movement can be involved. Do you best to stay really present and observe the emotions natural life cycle . It has as all other things a beginning a middle and an end and when it is fully expressed for now it will fade away. On the other side thorough your emotion you may just find that which you came searching for.  So pay attention in your search also to that which seem contrary to what you want to bring into your life. Trust that what comes up for you is your perfect medicine for where you are at right now. If today you do not “get”  there  do not despair or get discouraged . Sitting with  what comes up when it comes up is an act of GREAT courage.

 The journey IS the destination!

By the way I think you can still join Deva Premal and Mitens 21 day mantra meditation challenge. I recommend it if you are curious about chanting and Mantras or if you need some inspiration and encouragement for a daily practice.

Enjoy. Namaste