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Heating and healing Ginger Bath.

A ginger bath is heating , stimulating and detoxifying.

This is for those of you who need and love heat and sweating.

It is considered a sweat therapy and is pretty intense and obviously you need to make sure that you do not over-heat. Stay in touch with how you are and get out of the bath and drink water  and get some air if you feel any discomfort. Do take care though to not get chilled as well.

Always listen to and honor your body.

 It can be a stand in for sauna if we do not have access to one.

It is a great practice on those days when  you got too cold and simply can not get warm, your muscles are tight and overworked, you have sore and achy joints or if you are just about to come down with a cold or a flu.If you do it just as it is coming on you may just be able to flush it right out of your system.  If you like it it is a good practice as a general detox.

For the Full sweat experience do this  before going to bed.

( On a night you are not planning to snuggle as you will be sweaty ).

Have a clean bed-sheet  a towel and a big glass of room temperature water by the bed ready for when you get out.

Fill the bath with as hot water as you can bear getting into.

Add 1/4 cup dried Ginger or 1-2 cups  of fresh grated ginger tied loosely in a cheese cloth.

Optionally ad 1-2 cups of Epsom salt ( to ad to muscle relaxing, detoxing effect)

Stay in the bath for  min 20 minutes for the Ginger to really take its affect.

It will be hot .

You will possibly start to sweat already in the bath.

When you feel done get out of the bath.

For maximum effect wrap up in the sheet and get  into bed and under the covers.

Here you will continue to sweat for  potentially up to an hour.

Enjoy the thought of  releasing accumulated toxins through the skin. Let it go.

Use towel to dry of excess.

Drink water as you need it.

As you cool of you will likely be all mush and soft and your muscles heavy and relaxed.

When you are done sweating get out of the sheet as you do not want to reabsorb all the toxins released.

Now rest.

Personally I love this every once in a while and in particular this time a year when I am adjusting to the cold and damp.

Enjoy the heat!


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