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The Joy of Dry-Brushing

Have you ever tried dry Brushing.

If not I suggest you do one of these days .

It is warming,  invigorating and stimulates your whole system. It adds glow and vigour to your skin. It cleans off dead skin cells , open pores, stimulates the lymphatic flow and  aids in detoxification through the skin. As the skin is our biggest organ of protection and cleansing weighing up to 5 pounds it is important to take good care of this part of you.

Find a brush to your liking made with natural bristles. Many varieties are to be found. A luffa or dry face cloth can be used as well. There are many drybrush gloves made of natrual material out there as well. Keep your eyes peeled and get one or a few.

In general it is  suggested to start at the bottom of your feet and then in circular or long strokes as prefered go over your whole body always stroking towards the heart or navel ( depending on tradition). If you know of accupoints , marma points, meridians and the like you can choose to stimulate particular points and energy lines to your preference. Take extra care in sensitive areas in particular the breasts on women.

Be gentle as to not break your skin and do not use on face.

If you wish to brush your face I suggest to use one of those brushes for applying shaving cream. Ahhhh. Gentle and effective.

If you wish have a shower after and then apply prefered moistening.

Keep in mind that anything you put on your skin will be absorbed and enter your system and need to be digested just as anything you eat.

Cleansing symptoms can show as pimple and rashes and if so just go gently and take care not to bruch on broken skin. These should  dissapear over time as your skin has eliminated the toxins.

Enjoy this self-nurturing practice as often as you wish.


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