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The water cure

I posted this a few days ago but want to repost it here for you to find if you are not scrolling down my blog

I want to share one of the cheapest ( practically free)  most simple and energizing cleanses I have ever come across.

Actually it was my good old friend Camilla who came across it on her travels in Africa now about 15 years ago. She met this Swedish man and as I remember it he was then in his seventies walking from Stockholm to Cape Town with the intention to spread peace on his way. He was accepting donations en route and shared a little folder about his mission. This little piece of paper hung on the door of her bathroom in Vesterbro for years to come. If you know  these old apartments in Copenhagen you would know that the bathrooms (toilet only) were so small you practically had to back into them and then the door is closed there right in front of your face.  So I saw this one out of many inspiring pieces every time I had to use the bathroom there. That is how this man she met far away became part of my story as well.  Apparently he had one health rule he lived by and that he swore he owed his good health. This is what in my mind is remembered as  the Water-Cure. Somehow it seems to me it is of Tibetan origin and considered a cure all for all kind of maladies including Malaria. Honestly I may have mixed that up in my mind with other stories . All I know is it feels awesome and is super energizing sooo simple and totally safe if only you remember to follow it carefully.

Here it is .

On awakening  drink 1 1/2- 2 liters of clean water as fast as you comfortable can .  ( In cities with chlorinated water  I would consider using purified or spring water but use your common sense). It is a lot of water and at first it may seem like a lot but it will get easier! Watch your body , know your self and if you had enough listen to that.  I like to drink it in 1/2 liter jugs as it feels manageable and makes it easy to measure. It also helps me to have it prepared by my bedside to discipline my self to actually getting to do it. (sometimes I am amazed at my lack of motivation in the morning)

Allow for 1 1/2 – 2 hours  after drinking  to let this  flush through you. I tend to get a little bit of a chill and obviously need to pee frequently.  Sometimes I will wake up to chug the water half an hour before I have to get up and then the need to pee will make sure I get up on time.

After 1 1/2 -2 hours  Eat something solid  but make sure NOT to drink any liquid at this time . This is important as it will stop the flushing and prevent that you may deplete yourself of vitamins and minerals.

1/2 hour later  go ahead with  your day as usual.

That is it!

I love it. It makes me feel so GOOD. Energized and strangely as if my eyeballs had a wash. It also seem to stimulate my sense of thirst so that I am more  in touch with my need of liquid

For me it has a little side kick bonus that it will  discourage my habit and addiction to drinking coffee first thing in the morning as it merely does not fit in  and then later the need is not really there as I naturally have more energy. But then again ..sometimes an afternoon coffee is just the BEST! ( sigh)

I tend to do it in waves and then forget about it but apparently this man used and swore by this as part of his daily health regime.

I have been of the water-wagon for a while  so guess what I intend to do tomorrow morning?

Try it.

Share it.

Enjoy and may this story now become part of your story…

In light


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